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I write stories.

I’m currently working on a science fiction novel, and am secretive about it.

Professionally, I analyse the structure of stories, often to understand what makes them compelling. I hold an interdisciplinary PhD from the University of Melbourne on this topic. To demonstrate some of the narrative structures involved, I drew on my skills as a fiction writer to design an analytical model, drawing diagrams using techniques familiar to computer scientists. The result could lend a different angle to some long-standing problems in artificial intelligence. My published research can be found here.

In my blog and on twitter, I periodically muse about narrative technologies and what makes stories compelling.

I participate in communities concerned with: interpretation in context, situation theory, quantum interaction, intelligent narrative technologies, symmetry and form. I've been on the Advisory Board of the International Society for the Study of Symmetry (ISIS-Symmetry) since 2004. This group is affiliated with the Katachi Society, in Japan, which explores one of the richest approaches to form I know, katachi.

I have two very young sons, who make the sun rise.

My understanding of stories is informed by my work in Media Analysis, my stint in the theatre arts, and my understanding of drawing and dance.

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